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Life is a lot sweeter and easier when you can have discounts on
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In the case of gum disease, gingivitis or bad breath
it is more like a need.

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Unfortunately, though helpful, it was not enough by itself to
eliminate my gum problems.

However, the hydrofloss and periotherapy formula used together
as I describe on were.

As usual, if you have any questions you can reach me via:

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To our good health,


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Update for March 22nd 2007 -


I wrote a little blog post about Gum Disease on one of my  blogs today:

I think you'll like it. Not only will it tell you a little more about gum disease and gingivitis, you will also get to see where I'm coming from a little more clearly.

Update on Testing Periotherapy

I've been using the new periotherapy gum formula along with the hydrofloss for several days now and I have to tell you it is GREAT.

Just one of the nice things about the periotherapy formula is that it gives a nice soothing feeling to the gums, this is very unlike the other formula I WAS using.

I got my hands on a complete gum care kit and it includes the periotherapy formula, special toothpaste for gum disease and special dental floss for combating gum disease.

In addition it has some moldable trays that you can use to keep the toothpaste in contact with your gums longer. The toothpaste contains special ingredients to both combat the bacteria responsible for gingivitis and to sooth and heal the gum tissue at the same time.

This kit is amazing and I'm surprised that I never ran across it before.

The cost of the kit is just 27$ so if you can't get a hydrofloss at the moment, this is probably a good place to start. (better than most)

Dr. Katz happens to echo the sentiment that the hydrofloss is a powerful partner to fight gum disease with.

I didn't know he had this kit out and I have to tell you, if I couldn't get my hands on
the Hydrofloss, I would definitely start with this kit.

I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know it would be THIS good.


Update for March 20th 2007 -

Guess what? I've received the periotherapy oral rinse I told you about and I've begun to test it.

I used it yesterday and today.

Here is what I'm testing:

Here are my initial results:

--> This formula is definitely more concentrated.

The caps are smaller and you could probably use 1 or 2 capfuls in the hydrofloss.

Also the volume of the fluid is larger than the
previous oral rinse.

16.9 Fl. oz. Vs. 16 .

Between the increased concentration and volume, it is an even better value for your dollar.

--> The periotherapy formula contains Essential Oils of Spearmint and Tea Tree Oil.

My experience is that this formula has a very soothing effect on the gums. The old formula did not give me that same feeling.

In addition the old formula was specifically formulated for bad breath and whiter teeth.

The periotherapy formula is specifically targeting gum disease.

Due to all of the above, I think the periotherapy
formula is the best to use so far.


I'm going to switch to it completely and continue using it.

Currently, I'm also testing a special dental floss that
has been treated with Oxyd8.



Update for March 16th 2007 -

This is a special update.

If you have been to the Gingivitis Killer site yesterday or last
night you may have noticed something a little different.

I'll be testing a new oral rinse to use with the hydrofloss and
I'll also keep you posted on the test and what my results are.

I'm sure the results will be good because the new rinse
has a stronger dose of OxyD8 in it.

That means you can get a stronger oxygen blast in one shot or you
can make a single bottle of oral rinse last longer.

It also has tea tree (a.k.a.) Melaleuca oil in it. (as did
the other oral rinse)

Just to review, these oxygenated compounds are one of the keys to
eliminating the anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for both
tooth decay and gingivitis / gum disease.

The anerobes don't like oxygen. That's why we like to give it to
them. It creates an environment that they can't live in.

Here is the new rinse

and here are some details from Dr. Katz on the the periotherapy

If you go to the later link, sign up for the free PerioTherapy
starter booklet on the right hand side of the page.

In it, Dr. Katz gives hints and tips on superior oral care.

My guess is that using his periotherapy products along with the
hydrofloss will either yield quicker initial results or be
even more effective in fighting / preventing gingivitis and
gum disease than the oral rinse I have been using.

Once again, feel free to ask any questions you might have at:

I'll let you know how my test goes.

I'm looking forward to seeing you eliminate the gingivitis
/ gum disease that plagues you or the ones you love and hearing
your success story.

To our good health,

David Snape

*remember to consult your dentist if you have or think you might have gum disease or any other oral health problem.



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