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My success depends on your success. I understand how you feel as an affiliate because I am one too! Therefore:

I am offering you a 75% commission on each and every purchase that results from your referrals - You can view the sales letter here.

The Book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease is for sale on this site for $19.65 (currently).   

The affiliate program is through clickbank, which you are probably familiar with.  If not, you can join for free at here.

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Of course, you will replace XXXX with your own Clickbank affiliate ID. 

*note - This is an older method.  While it still works your link will be better protected by logging into your clickbank account and generating one of their new hoplinks. 

For Advanced Affiliates only: If you would like to take a shot at promoting the e-book at a higher price (and therefore a higher commission), I can give you a link that has the book for the higher price we agree upon. - Contact me for further discussion.

Anyone may also sell the print version of this book via the affiliate programs available with Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and Amazon Germany. 

You may use the book images from this site to promote this book only.  If you use the images, you MUST upload it to your own hosting provider - you may not 'hotlink' to the images on this site or any other sites that have the image on them.

For those that are not sure what hot linking is: you cannot link directly to the images on this site in order for them to show up on your site.  You can copy the image and upload it to your site so that it does not pull from this site.  This only applies to promoting my book, you cannot use the images from this site for promoting any other product.

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