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Can Gum Disease Be Defeated?

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Can gum disease be defeated?  I believe the answer is yes! In fact, I've done it as evidenced by the by the statements made by my hygienist. She seemed a bit surprised that I was able to do this.

I'm not surprised by her surprise because frankly a lot of people working in the dental care industry are not used to seeing patients successfully stop gum disease on their own without expensive treatments. 

[ This is one of the tools I use -  An oxygenated compound that kills anaerobic bacteria - the type that cause gum disease. ]

Unfortunately, I  didn't quite understand what gum disease is or how it works or that we generally aren't told much about it until it is time for an expensive treatment. Only when that happened to me did I begin to delve into it.

I didn't just get gum disease between two office visits. But I was shocked to learn that I needed a 'root scaling and planing' - seemingly all of a sudden. I was told there was bone loss and was asked to sign a document stating it wasn't the dentist's fault if I lost my teeth.

I didn't allow them to do the 'root scaling and planing' which they wanted to commence immediately. Instead, I decided to do some research. I formulated a plan that seemed like it might work and I put it into action.

[This is the second tool that I use - it's called a hydrofloss.  This combined with the first tool above does the job very, very well for me.  I still marvel at how much healthier my gums have become]

The result was that on my next visit to the dentist I was told that my gums looked better and that I no longer needed the root scaling and planing treatment. I was actually told that there was no longer tarter built up under the gumline. I was delighted.

On subsequent visits, I was told that my gums were looking even better. And on the last visit, I was told that there was no bleeding at all during probing.

Now, I have to say that in the process of research, I found that there are people out there who either know how to successfully stop or prevent gum disease or at least claim to. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find their actual methods anywhere. They don't tell anyone what those  methods are.s

So I created a website where people can read about exactly what I did. That website is called   You can read what I personally did to check the progression of gum disease.  I have also been able to stop it from coming back.

 Gum disease has been said to be the number one cause of tooth loss. However, many other possible effects have been postulated. For example, some say that gum disease can lead to bacterial invasion of other parts of the body. The founder of the Mayo clinic said that loss of teeth subtracts at least ten years from a person's life.

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This article is not meant to provide advice. If you have or think you have gum disease or any other health condition, contact your dentists or doctor for diagnosis and treatment. I don't claim that my methods will work for others. I can only tell you that they worked for me and specifically in the way that I stated above. Every body is different, and there are no trials or tests that have been done to show whether it will work for others. In fact, I always caution people that if they have or think they might have gingivitis or any other health condition that they must go to their dentist for diagnosis and treatment right away.


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Now you can watch with a certain satisfaction as your dentist and hygienist become incredulous at YOUR results.

You Can Stop Gum Disease / Gingivitis Now!

If you have or think you have gingivitis, gum disease or any other health problem, contact your doctor or dentist for diagnosis and treatment. Do so without delay.

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