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The Cost Savings of the Hydrofloss

(Or the Cost of Not Having One)

First, you may be wondering what the hydrofloss looks like:

Here it is:

This is one of the best tools that I know of to help fight gingivitis / gum disease.

You can use it in conjunction with another product that you can see here:

Here is my review on the hydrofloss.   Here is a review on the oxygenated mouthwash.

Using the hydrofloss and oxygenated compound together is the basic trick that I found to help keep my gums healthy and free of any further disease.

Unfortunately, I didn't know about this several years back. Though, I've kept all of my teeth, there has been some gum recession before I stopped the disease from progressing further.

Now it is true that the hydrofloss usually costs somewhere between 99$ and $120 (find out how you can get the hydrofloss for $89 plus free shipping) and that may seem like a lot of money, but let's take a look at the real value of this tool.

First of all, I don't know what the dentist will charge you to pull a tooth. But if your gum disease gets bad enough you could very well be losing some. I'm sure it costs over 100$ for a tooth extraction.

What if you lose several?

Then, you are going to need dentures or implants.

Both are going to cost a pretty penny even if you have insurance and are only paying your copay. Consider the time and pain involved when the anesthetic wears off.

I have two relatives with partial plates (false teeth) and every time something goes wrong with them, it gets expensive.

The whole point of fighting gingivitis and gum disease is to eliminate these problems and hopefully save your teeth, right?

Consider that your gum disease gets to the point where they need to 'reconstruct' the gum tissue.   They might use bone matrix or perhaps some fancy new technique to fix your gum tissue. You can imagine how much this will cost, not to mention the pain involved and the painstaking care you will have to take afterwards on the road to recovery.

Then, since you had gum disease in the first place and the dentist never told you how to prevent it from getting worse when they saw it happening, what is going to prevent you form going through all that heartache and aggravation again?

If they send you to get your gums reconstructed, you'll probably be sent to a periodontist. He is going to charge quite a bit to do the job, as you can imagine. All of that with the possibility that it can happen again. Who wants that?

Then if you don't get that far, your dentist may try to do a root scaling and planing treatment. I don't know how much that costs, but I bet it is several hundred dollars at least. Then there is the pain from that procedure after the anesthesia wears off.

Add up all of that expense, time lost, pain and fear in your head. Consider that an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". The cost of the hydrofloss doesn't seem so bad after all, does it?

Then consider that a single hydrofloss comes with four identical jet tips. This equates to one for each member of the family. What if there are two of you? That brings the cost of all that preventive maintenance down to just 50$ per person.

What if you have 4 in your family? Now the cost is just 25$ per person and you get to teach your children great oral care habits from a young age.

As you can easily comprehend, there is going to be a lot of benefit and ultimately savings from your 99$ investment in the hydrofloss.

Plus if you use this link: You will get a supply of oxygenated compound along with your hydrofloss. I the oxygenated products their are an important ingredient in helping to prevent gingivitis from coming back.

You can now see that purchasing a hydrofloss can save you money and help to save your teeth at the same time. Doesn't that make the purchase of the hydrofloss one of the smartest, money saving and savvy things you can do?

I think it does.

*** Remember to see your dentist if you have or think you might have gum disease and your doctor for any other health condition. ***


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PS. Here is a short video I created on the use of the hydrofloss: ( This is a link to Youtube - a popular video site)

hydrofloss what I use for fighting gingivitis and gum disease

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