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Stop Bleeding Gums With This Essential Oil Blend 

Essential Oils for Fighting Gum Disease

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Essential Oils can be useful for fighting gum disease and bad breath.

The Oils

The essential oils referred to above are peppermint, spearmint and almond. They are considered to have anti-bacterial qualities. And in combination they can be very powerful for fighting gum disease.

Does this notion sound strange to you? Well, when you consider the following, it will seem very natural after all.

Their is a famous mouthwash, one  that everyone has heard of.  The drawback to it, is that it contains a great deal of alcohol. 

But, did you know that it is not actually the alcohol that makes this mouthwash effective? If you pick up a bottle of of this mouthwash, you will notice that the real power comes from the active ingredients:




These are derived from, you guessed it: essential oils. 

However, not everyone wants so much alcohol in their mouthwash.

But, I digress.  Next: Click the link below to Learn More about Alcohol Free Essential Oils:    

Next:   Read More About The Essential Oils That Fight Gum Disease!

Here is one of the many testimonials about this product:

"This stuff is great! Everything in the testimonials is true. I didn't tell my dental hygienist what I was using, but she was amazed at the improvement in my gums. I've run out of OraMD. Can't wait to get the shipment. "   

---  Brian Hogan, CA

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