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Teeth Whitening Reviews

Teeth Whitening is an interesting subject on which I do have something important to say.

Get Whiter TeethI once spent $400 dollars with my dentist to give me whiter teeth. She made a 'custom' tray for me and gave me some teeth whitening gels to use with them.

Later, I learned that I could have used one of these two far less expensive teeth whitening products to the same effect and saved myself several hundred dollars. 

For example:

1.  Click Here for Teeth Whitening Product One

2.  Click Here for Teeth Whitening Product Two - High Concentration - US only...

The key point is that all of the at home whitening products are basically the same. Yes, there may be minor differences in peroxide concentrations, but they are basically the same. In fact, today, many are more powerful than the four hundred dollar solution that my dentist charged me so much for. 

Side note: Don't be afraid to fire any dentist that rips you off.  That's what I did! She was paid far too well by me to pull a stunt like that - and get away with it.

Now, one of the most popular teeth whiteners for in home use is Crest White Strips.  I've tried them and they
do work - with two drawbacks.  

The first drawback is that they only 'wrap' around the front part of your mouth.  What that means is that if you smile wide, which we often do when laughing or talking, people can see the side teeth that were not
whitened. Sometimes the contrast is large.

The second draw back is that you really cannot help but get the paste in touch with your gum tissues. While these chemicals can make your teeth whiter, they aren't really good for your gum tissue.  Keep that in mind.

Therefore, there is a lot to think about when choosing a whitening product. 

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